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30 April 2011

I Think This Is What You Call A “Bitch-Slap”

From the 2011 Whitehouse Correspondents’ Dinner

Donald Trump has no sense of humor1.

  1. Haircut notwithstanding. 

23 April 2011

“Cranking” Is the Best Thing You Are Going to Read All Weekend

Merlin Mann did some real writing yesterday.

It’s the kind of thing you start, then stop after a sentence or two, realizing this one’s not going to be like the rest. You shift in your seat, start again and brace yourself, waiting for the words to land and knock the wind right out of you. Which they will, at least once, probably three or four times. Simply excellent.

22 April 2011

Two Degrees of John Gruber

“Dude! There is a piece on DF that references your Unicorn stuff!!!”

The SMS from my friend buzzed my iPhone at 12:18 this afternoon. “DF” is Daring Fireball, the website of John Gruber and famous for bringing sites to their knees with a single post. punchingIN is only six weeks old (today, in fact), and already it’s gotten the attention of one of the biggest tech blogs on the web?

Well, not quite. But close.

At about 11:30 a.m., Daring Fireball linked to a story on The Elaborated which riffed on my post from April 4, Chasing the 6.4 megapixel unicorn. My name makes up the first two words in the post on The Elaborated, linked back to the Unicorn story. The spike in traffic began almost immediately.

I traded twitter messages with Tim Ricchuiti who wondered out loud if he’d end up being fireballed, but it appears his site was just fine. Interestingly, when he posted his story showing about 7,000 visits to The Elaborated, punchingIN had recorded about 500 of its own, which works out to a click-through of about 7%.

By the end of the day, a link on a link from Gruber had generated over 1,000 hits on punchingIN. Small potatoes compared to the 3 million (!) that Daring Fireball sees each month, but it was my biggest day so far by a long shot. I even saw a little uptick in Twitter followers and RSS subscribers to punchingIN. And James Britton from MacTrast was kind enough to link back to my story, too.

When I started punchingIN, I did it with the aim of sharing my thoughts on design, technology and strategy with like-minded people around the world. Today was my first taste of something approaching a real audience. And let me tell you, it felt great.

17 April 2011

Typography for Lawyers. Yes, Lawyers.

How writing is presented can have a dramatic impact on how well an idea is communicated to the reader. Unfortunately, typography nerds (like myself) can spend hours debating the merits of Helvetica vs. Helvetica Neue,1 and these esoteric disputes can make the world of letterforms and typographic conventions seem arcane and impenetrable.

Typography for Lawyers book cover

A few months ago, Kevin Kelly’s fantastic Cool Tools site featured a book by Matthew Butterick with the odd title, Typography for Lawyers. Even though I’m not a lawyer (nor do I play one on TV), I purchased the book on the merits of the review.

Butterick, meanwhile, is a lawyer. But he was also a digital font designer in a previous life, and therefore comes by his typographic nerdery honestly. In Typography for Lawyers, he has written a concise-yet-thorough summary of the topic, covering everything from formatting conventions to typeface suggestions. The book perfectly mixes academic discussions on the foundations of typography with recommendations too meaty to classify them merely as “tips.” I refer to it regularly, and can recommend it without reservation.

Available on Amazon, or via Butterick’s site, typographyforlawyers.com.

  1. For the record, I’m squarely in the Helvetica Neue camp. 

02 April 2011

Ten Excellent iOS Tips & Tricks

Great list from the folks at tap tap tap. Almost every single one of these was new to me, and I consider myself a pretty informed iOS geek.

My favorite is #4. There’s an extra volume control available when you double-tap the Home button:

…how many of you know that if you swipe further to the right [after pressing home twice and swiping right once], you get even more controls?…If you’ve ever been frustrated because you were about to play an audio or video track and wanted to preemptively lower the volume so you wouldn’t disturb others around you… only to inadvertently lower the ringer volume, then this slider’s for you.

I had no idea.

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